Boost for reddit 1.2.3 – Bundled notifications, remember comments position, tag users, eroshare support and MORE!

Hi friends,

New beta version has been uploaded to Google Play! Please test it thoroughly and feel free to leave feedback 😉


  • Nougat Bundled Notifications
  • Remember comments reading position after swiping back/closing
  • Eroshare support
  • Add tags to users from profile screen
  • Undo hiding posts
  • Search posts from the sidebar
  • Option to hide read posts permanently (Settings-Posts)
  • Load mp4 version for Giphy links
  • Show empty thumbnail for link posts without image
  • View gallery of images linked in comments
  • Option to copy username/user flair to clipboard
  • Shortcut to add to multireddits in posts menu and subreddit sidebar
  • Show user flair in self posts
  • Changes to default Amoled theme
  • Updated support libraries to 25.1.0
  • Clickable links in description from imgur albums
  • Fixed streamable previews not loading
  • Fixed missing “Tap to dismiss” option for gifs
  • Fixed opening wrong file from download notifications
  • Fixed imgur urls that include subreddit in its path
  • Fixed weird characters in post title from messages
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

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Link to Google Play download

Thanks for your support!

Boost for reddit 1.2.2 – New video/gif player for faster loading!


There is a new beta version with something I’ve wanted to do for a long time:

I’ve included a new video player implementation that allows to start playing files before they are completely downloaded. Seeking is more accurate also.

I’ve included a new cache system that is shared by all media, including thumbnails and previews, to save bandwidth and speed things up.


  • New video player implementation: Gifs/videos will load faster!
  • Media cache improvements to speed things up and save bandwidth
  • Use mp4 version for gifs
  • The old video player is available under Settings-Media-Video player

To join the beta, follow this link

Feel free to leave feedback if you find any issue with the new features.


Boost for reddit 1.2.1 – Synccit support, new scoring format, create multireddits and bug fixes

Hi friends!

Small update to include some important things while I prepare the next version:


  • Shortened scores to follow new reddit format
  • Synccit support to sync your read posts between devices and desktop. Go to Settings-Posts to register or add your account.
  • Create and delete multireddits. (Subscriptions-Menu-Create multireddit)
  • Open random subreddit from lateral menu
  • Fixes to multi subreddits using +. The app open links in app, and they can be added as a favorite subreddit, used in search and more.
  • Removed unnecessary READ_PHONE_STATE permission that was automatically added (explanation)
  • Removed vibrate permission (Some ads or web pages in internal web browser were making the phone vibrate ¬¬)
  • Fixed bug opening external links in app that might cause an infinite loop if that type of link is set as always open in external app

I have new improvements ready that will be released in a couple of days.

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Link to Google Play download

Feel free to leave feedback or tell what would you like to see in the next version


Boost for reddit 1.2.0 is out: Android 7.1 shortcuts, flair posts, new cards view, read wiki pages and a lot more!

Hi friends!

Yes, new version. Boost for reddit 1.2.0 is live.

Android Nougat 7.1 home screen shortcuts: It will show search posts and your first subscriptions in the list (subreddits, multireddits, all, frontpage or saved). Remember that you can rearrange your subscriptions list in “Subscriptions”.

Swipe to close works now in all media viewers (images, gifs, videos and albums). Choose your prefered swipe direction in Settings-Media. Tap to close is still enabled by default. If tap to close is disabled, tapping the content will hide/show the toolbar buttons (and description text in albums).

Album viewer has been redesigned. Tap or swipe up the image description at the bottom to read the full text. Swipe down to collapse or hide.

Download or share media files has been included in swipe view. Files will be shared from internal cache, so they won’t show up in your external storage.

Fixed many reddit deep links to open in app, including wiki pages and user profiles. If you find a reddit link that fails to open in app, let me know.


  • Android 7.1 home screen shortcuts
  • Flair your own posts
  • Read wiki pages
  • New view: Simple cards
  • Albums redesign
  • Show comment being replied in advanced editor
  • Option to show upvote percentage in comments screen
  • Show unread messages count in drawer menu
  • Go to random subreddit
  • videos support
  • Swipe to close gifs and albums
  • Change direction of swipe to close
  • Share gif/video files directly
  • Download/share in Swipe view
  • Support for new reddit spoilers
  • Option to check messages every 5 min
  • Option to hide images from self posts
  • Share subreddit from sidebar
  • Subreddit icon in sidebar
  • Open sidebar from comments
  • New flairs style
  • Filters sorted alphabetically
  • support
  • Error placeholder for images that fail to load
  • Fixed deep linking to user profiles
  • Separate search items in menu
  • Swipe back min threshold to 5%
  • Delete all drafts option
  • Disabled swipe to refresh in internal browser
  • Open media from external sources
  • User interface improvements
  • Many bug fixes and improvements!
  • Fixed content from not opening
  • Fixed some reddit links not opening in app

I hope you enjoy it!

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Link to Google Play download

Feel free to leave feedback or tell what would you like to see in the next version


Boost for reddit 1.1.0 is out: day/night themes, theme presets, download albums, save drafts, mark as read on scroll and much more!

Hi friends!

Here I am again with another big update. Boost for reddit 1.1.0 is out!

I’ve included some new features regarding themes: Set different themes for day and night modes to quickly switch between them from the menu and save your custom themes as presets. The app has some nice theme presets created by me 🙂

Set a default folder for all downloads or per file type (images, gifs or mp4 videos). You’ll be asked to change them the next time you download something (you can change them anytime in Settings-Media).

You can download full albums or only the selected images from the thumbnails screen. To enter in multi selection mode, long press a thumbnail and single click to select the images you want to download.

I’ve included the option to save/load drafts when composing text in advanced editor. If you leave the screen you’ll be asked to discard or save the text to drafts. Drafts are saved on a per user basis and they are available in messages, comments and text posts.

This is the full changelog:


  • Set day/night themes to quickly switch between them
  • Save theme presets with your favorite combinations
  • Set download folders per file type (Settings-Media).
  • Download full albums or selected images from thumbnails screen
  • Save drafts when composing comments, messages or text posts in advanced editor
  • Subreddit filters apply only to frontpage and r/all
  • Option to mark posts as read on scroll (Settings-Posts)
  • Suggest title when submitting links
  • Readability mode for links in Swipe view
  • Beautiful vote, save and score animations
  • Mark your posts as NSFW
  • Increased comment buttons area
  • Gif controls visibility is remembered
  • Share link or file in image viewer
  • Long press “Go to” or toolbar to go to a subreddit
  • Long press “Search” to search posts
  • Night mode toggle in lateral menu
  • Option to show nsfw toggle in lateral menu
  • Option to show independent “Go to” options in lateral menu (Settings-Menu)
  • Highlight friends in posts list
  • Added grey accent colors
  • Open comments settings from comments screen
  • Option to disable comment animations
  • Don’t limit subreddit length in widget
  • Fixed sharing images from reddituploads
  • Fixed downloads stopping on close
  • Option to donate in Settings-About

I hope you enjoy it!

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Link to Google Play download

Thanks for all your suggestions and requests, they help moving in the right direction. There is still a lot to do, but one step at a time! Everything you see is done by a single developer 😀

Next stop: Android 7.1


Boost for reddit 1.0.25 – Fixed Multireddits not loading


I’ve just pushed an update with some bug fixes, including the problem loading multireddits.

Version 1.0.25

  • Fixed multireddits not loading
  • Fixed zoom not working on albums
  • Fixed previews not loading in user profiles
  • Post info updated when refreshing comments
  • Added animation when comment is fully collapsed

It was uploaded on 21 october 11:00 PDT but Google is taking its time to distribute it… ಠ_ಠ

Boost for reddit 1.0.22 – Swipe to open sidebar, preview formatting and other improvements


There is a new beta version with some more of your feature requests. I hope you like it, feedback appreciated!


  • Swipe from the right in subreddits to open its sidebar [1]
  • Swipe from the right in multireddits to see its subreddits [2]
  • Swipe from the right in frontpage/all to discover trending subreddits
  • Preview formatting of comments, posts and messages before submitting [3]
  • Select and copy parts of comments, posts and messages [4]
  • Show messages and its replies as threads in messages tab [5]

Thanks for your support!







Boost for reddit 1.0.21 – Upload images, support, new theme and more

Hi users!

This new version took longer than usual because I’ve spent some weeks out of home with no computer, but I’m back to work with some new features and bug fixes! I’ll be happy if you leave some feedback in this post about this beta update before going to production. Thanks in advance :_)

Version 1.0.21-beta has been pushed to the beta channel. This is the changelog:


  • Upload images in comments, messages and text posts using advanced editor
  • New theme: Night blue
  • videos support
  • Fixed Gfycat errors in some android versions
  • Option to load previews/thumbnails based on current network (Settings-General-Network usage)
  • Message mods button in sidebar
  • Removed redundant send floating button (Optional in Settings-General-Composing)
  • Support for more spoilers tags

If you like the update, give 5 stars in Google Play. Thanks for your support!

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Boost for reddit 1.0.20 – New theme customization settings, sort in profile, memory fix

Hi all!

I’ve included new settings to customize themes:

  • Toolbar style: Select light (Dark text and icons) to use with light toolbar backgrounds Sample
  • Color for post titles and read/stickied posts Sample

(Please note that status bar tinting is available in android versions >= Marshmallow 6.0)

A memory leak has been fixed. It was responsible of random crashes, images not loading or performance issues after some time using the app.

Please thoroughly test the new features and give feedback or report issues in this thread. Thanks!

Version 1.0.20 has been pushed to the beta channel. This is the changelog:


  • More theme options: Customize toolbar style (black or white text and icons, including status bar in Marshmallow) and color of post titles, read posts and sticky posts
  • Sort options in user profiles
  • Fixed memory leak that might cause performance issues/crashes after intensive use

If you like the update, give 5 stars in Google Play. Thanks for your support!

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Boost for reddit 1.0.19 – Android N feedback needed

Hi all!

Android N users:

I’ve updated libraries to support Android N and I will need feedback from users using N preview. Some crash reports have been already received, and I would want to know what were you doing or the steps to reproduce it.

Version 1.0.19 has been pushed to the beta channel. This is the changelog:


  • Fixed suggested sort


  • Fixed crashes on Android N preview


  • HD images in albums
  • Added Suggested comment sort. Enabled by default. If the thread does not have a suggested sort, it will use the default one.
  • Added Q&A comment sort
  • Theme applied to menu backgrounds
  • New icon design
  • Fixed error loading more comments in long threads
  • Increased clickable area of buttons in Cards and Compact views
  • Fixed inserted link not replacing selected text in advanced editor
  • Fixed floating button hide animation
  • Fixed some random crashes

If you like the update, give 5 stars in Google Play. Thanks for your support!

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