Boost will stop working after July 1st. Thank you very much for your support over the years! ???

I wanted to inform you that Boost will stop working after July 1st. As you know, Reddit has decided to make certain changes to its data API Terms:

  • Reddit will start charging third-party apps high fees for using the API to access content generated by users.
  • Sexually explicit content will not be available for third party apps.
  • They are not allowing ads in third-party apps.

The new price of the API is usage based ($0.24 per 1000 API requests) that means there is no limit in how much it can cost to developers: Every action on the app is a separate API request (voting, saving, loading feeds, comments…) with Boost’s current user-base, I would have to pay Reddit thousands of dollars per day in fees.

That price and the prohibition of ads makes it impossible to mantain free users. They want Boost and other third-party apps to move to a subscription model, where our users will have to pay a monthly subscription to use our apps to access reddit and get user generated content which is available for free on the website. In addition, the experience would be incomplete since the API will not return NSFW content anymore.

Despite having been in conversations with Reddit for more than 2 months, they have not been flexible with any of the points above. After much thought I have decided not to accept its conditions and I do so in defense of the users of our applications, and in solidarity with other developers and communities that have expressed their discomfort.

Thank you all so much for these 7+ years of using and supporting Boost, a personal project that I have enjoyed so much. Thank you for the kind messages and all users making donations or launching the rocket. You are truly the best.

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Boost for reddit 1.6.0

After several weeks of work, I’m happy to announce that a new version of Boost for reddit has been published to Google Play. This is the changelog:

1.6.0 Screenshots gallery

  • Preview text posts in Cards with configurable number of lines (Settings-Posts)
  • New search screen: Search posts, subreddits and go to user profiles or subreddits in a
    click GIF
  • Change quality of reddit videos
  • Option to select minimum/maximum preferred quality for reddit videos¹
  • Added subscribe button in subreddit headers
  • Improved quote style
  • Change color scheme for comment level indicators Settings (Settings-Comments)
  • Added expand animation to show post/comments button bar GIF
  • Added option to hide buttons after voting/saving (Settings-Comments)
  • View subreddit rules from sidebar, submit screen and report dialog
  • Report dialog shows subreddit specific reasons
  • Added View full context option in single comment threads
  • Add subreddit shortcuts to your home screen from subreddit options GIF
  • Subreddit name in posts clickable (Settings-Posts: Enabled by default)
  • Username in comments clickable (Settings-Comments: Disabled by default)
  • Option to show subreddit prefixed with r/ (Settings-General)
  • Support for new user profiles including a “Follow” button
  • View public multireddits from user profiles
  • Copy and rename multireddits
  • Option to dim images in read posts (Settings-Posts)
  • Oreo Adaptive icon
  • Oreo Notification categories. Configure notifications for mail and modmail (Settings-Notifications)
  • Show user avatars in account switcher (Settings-Menu)
  • Text selection in advanced editor shows a popup with formatting options (bold, italics…)
  • Added option “Hide previous posts” in post menu GIF
  • Added ASCII emojis to formatting bar
  • Added messages when post has no comments
  • Option to set light navigation bar in Oreo
  • Change toolbar main action (Search/Switch view)
  • Group download notifications
  • Option to automatically organize downloads in folders per subreddit (Settings-Media)
  • Search accepts advanced parameters to search by author, site, flair and more
  • Added Search settings with default sorting and period
  • Sort subreddit search results by relevance and activity
  • Modmail notifications
  • View replies in modmail tab
  • Block users via inbox
  • Improved timestamps to show time in weeks and months
  • Highlight mod and admin usernames in comments
  • Swipe back from comments triggered with only horizontal swipe
  • Swipe back from comments triggered with only horizontal swipe
  • Long press go to parent button in comments to show parent in a dialog
  • Long press videos/gifs in Swipe view to open in media viewer
  • Long press self text to select and copy
  • Long press previews and thumbnails to show link options
  • Long press down arrow to go to bottom of comments screen
  • Added go to subreddit in comments from profile
  • Changed order of profile tabs
  • Added icons to menu settings screen
  • Option to reset first launch tooltips (Settings-Others)
  • Option to disable sending statistics and crash reports (Settings-About)


  • Showing “1 comment” when there is none
  • Random subreddit not loading more than 25 posts
  • Memory leak crash while using swipe view
  • Floating button position in RTL layouts
  • Multireddits with name “random” not working
  • Error opening some links starting with /
  • Amoled theme glitch in some screens
  • External AMP and reddit links not opening in Boost
  • Reddit wiki pages not opening in app
  • Highlighting of deleted usernames
  • Clear notification after marking as read from inbox
  • Wrong i.stack.imgur images
  • Other bug fixes and improvements


  1. Boost has an option in “Settings-Data Saving” to set the preferred quality for videos (Prefer lower size, Prefer best quality). This setting affects sources that provide different version of videos, like gfycat, giphy, streamable and reddit videos. Reddit videos provides qualities from 240p to 1080p HD. The 240p version is crap, and the 1080p may take some time to load. That’s why I’ve added an additional setting for reddit videos to set the mimimum and maximum quality. That way you can have “Prefer lower size” and set 480p as the lowest version, or “Prefer best quality” but limited to 720p instead of 1080p.

Thanks for your support and share Boost with other redditors 😉

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Boost for reddit 1.5.0 – Support for videos, subreddit banners and more

Version 1.5.0 has been released. This is the changelog:

  • Support playback of videos ¹
  • Search posts in multireddits
  • Option to show subreddit header (Settings-General) ²
  • Option to show post preview image in comments screen (Settings-Comments-Post info)
  • Change playback speed of videos (ExoPlayer feature only)
  • Show post view count ³
  • Migration to new Gfycat API
  • Advanced notification options: Show Boost notification when a push notification from reddit app is received
  • Multireddits on top by default
  • Fixed hide read permanently not working correctly when hiding a high number of posts
  • Changed style of native ads to comply with new policies (Ads must be distinguishable from content)
Subreddit headers
Full preview in comments screen

Small changes to comment collapsing:

  • Fully collapse comments option is set by default for new users
  • Clicking on the reply count green badge expands its replies
  • Collapsed comment stays on top of screen to avoid losing reading position
  • Clicking anywhere on a fully collapsed comment expands its replies
  1. Reddit videos are DASH streaming with demuxed audio and video. Audio plays fine in Boost, but if you hit download, the downloaded file is video only because the fallback mp4 version that reddit provides has no audio +Info
  2. Subreddit headers are only available in the single subreddit screen (the one that opens when any of the “Go to” options is used). The main screen with the subscriptions dropdown does not load banners since showing/hiding the dropdown when the header is expanded/collapsed would be annoying while switching subreddits.
  3. View count is available in your own posts and moderated subreddits. It does not count visits from third-party apps +Info

Thanks for your support and share Boost with other redditors 😉

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Boost for reddit 1.4.0 – Back in Play Store

Hi friends!

I’m happy to announce that Boost for reddit is back in the Play Store

For those who don’t know, on May 28th the app was suspended from the Play store. I appealed the suspension and 8 days later it has been accepted!

For those wondering, the reason for suspension was a particular post in r/popular that was against Google Play content policies.


  • This update fixes a memory leak from the previous version that caused the app to crash after some use.

Sorry if I’ve been away from reddit this week, but I wasn’t in the mood. Having your app suspended is not a good feeling.

I’ve posted more info in r/Android: Boost for reddit is back in Google Play


Boost for reddit 1.3.3 – Table formatting

Hi friends!

Boost for reddit 1.3.3 has been pushed to the beta channel.

Some features have been in beta for 2 weeks now, here is the announcement with a few more. Not a huge changelog but some important things:


  • Table formatting
  • Option to Blur NSFW thumbnails and previews (Settings-Filters)
  • Option to show preview on top in Cards (Settings-Views)
  • Branded launch screen¹
  • Fixed indent in code blocks
  • Fixed issue submitting posts and messages
  • Testing Native ads format² (Optional, revert to banners in Settings-About)
  • Minor bug fixes


  1. Launch screen following material design guidelines. Background color is not customizable cause it is shown before the app is initialized.
  2. Native ads in the following views: Cards, Cards 2, Compact, List and Mini Cards. You can revert to banner ads in Settings-About.

Thanks for all the love and support!

Be proud and share Boost with other redditors 😉

Link to Google Play download

Boost for reddit 1.3.2 – Export settings, Deviant art support, save categories for gold users, new theme options and many improvements!

Hi friends!

Boost for reddit 1.3.2-beta has been pushed to the beta channel.

This is the changelog:


  • Export/Import settings (read notes)
  • Reddit gold: Categorize saved posts and comments
  • Reddit gold: Filter saved by category/subreddit
  • Deviant Art support
  • Customize body text and link colors
  • Hide posts by flair
  • Link dialog by long pressing post open button
  • Lock sidebar in Swipe view (Settings-Views)
  • Modtools: Moderate button visible
  • Modtools: Sticky comments (Distinguish and sticky)
  • More options in subreddit search results
  • Option to hide thumbnails in widgets
  • Go to parent in single comment thread
  • Show user tags in friends screen
  • Auto load drafts when replying to same post/comment
  • Apply font and color to message titles
  • More info in multireddit details
  • Show stars next to favorites
  • Removed moderator inbox for non moderators
  • Fixed editing empty posts
  • Fixed many wiki links
  • Fixed Continue this thread when using cache
  • Fixed reloading comments with context
  • Fixed internal browser page height
  • Small interface improvements that you’ll have to discover
  • Many bug fixes
  • Fixed crash creating multireddits
  • Subreddits list in multireddits sorted alphabetically


The backup includes:

  • App settings
  • User tags
  • Filters
  • Saved themes
  • Views per subscription

Excluded from the backup:

  • Account info
  • Drafts
  • History of visited subreddits
  • Favorites
  • Read posts

Imported settings will be merged with the current settings.

Be proud and share Boost with other redditors 😉

Link to Google Play download

Thanks for your support!

Boost for reddit 1.3.1 – Auto night mode, mute videos, autoplay in swipe view and more!


Boost for reddit 1.3.1 has been pushed to Google Play. This is the changelog:


  • Auto night mode. Configure night start/end time in Themes screen (or Settings-Theme and colors)
  • Mute button in videos. The player remembers the status of the mute button from previous videos, but there is an option to start muted by default (Settings-Media)
  • Autoplay gifs in Swipe view. Select between autoplay always, on wi-fi (default) or never (Settings-Views-Swipe)
  • XKCD support. The image alt text is shown in the viewer.
  • Show account age in profiles info
  • Option to replace Switch view with Search in toolbar (Settings-Views)
  • Manage saved views per subreddit (Settings-Views)
  • Show comment search occurrences as you type
  • Jump to first occurrence when searching in comments
  • Option to open links in external app on long press
  • Show placeholder for subreddits without icon in search results
  • Do not truncate post info in minicards when full title is shown
  • Mixtape videos will open in Legacy player to avoid playing issues. It seems that ExoPlayer can’t handle mixtape mp4 enconding.
  • Fixed crash when rotating screen while an image is uploading
  • Fixed style of legacy video controls
  • Workaround to bypass current imgur image upload issue (Imgur paid API is failing again)
  • Updated Exoplayer 2.2.0
  • Updated support libraries 25.2.0 (Should fix the “ghost” screen issue)
  • Edit: Fixed modtools “sticky” option not showing for link posts

Be proud and share Boost with other redditors 😉

Link to Google Play download

Thanks for your support!

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And more… thanks for your help!

Boost for reddit 1.3.0 – Mod tools!


Version 1.3.0 has been uploaded to Google Play.

The version includes moderation tools. Moderators will be able to perform these operations on posts/comments:

  • Approve
  • Remove
  • Mark spam
  • View reports
  • Ignore reports
  • Ban user1
  • Distinguish
  • Edit flair
  • Mark nsfw
  • Mark spoiler
  • Set sticky
  • Lock
  • Set suggested comment sort

All operations are available anywhere you see a post/comment from a subreddit you moderate. Approved/removed posts will show indicator only visible to moderators.

I have also included a moderation screen available in the drawer menu and in subreddit sidebar options. This screen includes the following features:

  • Subreddit filtering: Dropdown to select a specific subreddit or “mod” (all moderated subreddits mixed)
  • Moderation queue
  • Reports
  • Spam
  • Edited
  • Moderation log1
  • Unmoderated posts

Album with screenshots:

Other changes:
  • Enable/disable inbox replies for your posts and comments
  • Indicator of locked posts. Warning message when you try to comment
  • Indicator of archived posts. Warning message when you try to comment or vote
  • Support to open links in the app
  • Added a true “Dark Grey” base theme (The old “Dark Grey” has been renamed to “Light Gray”) Comparison
  • Fixed wrong floating action buttons margin and shadow in subreddit/comments screen
  • Fixed an issue with tabs height in submit screen

1 Ban users and moderation log requires a new permission. You’ll be asked to reauthenticate with reddit.

Are you a moderator? Since I’m still getting used to how this moderation thing works, your feedback is highly appreciated.

Be proud and share Boost with other redditors 😉

Link to Google Play download

Thanks for your support!

Boost for reddit 1.2.6 – Added r/popular

Hi beloved users,

I’ve uploaded a quick update to add support for r/popular (Link to announcement)


  • Added r/popular: Available in subscriptions list, widgets and lateral menu. For logged out users, frontpage is replaced by popular. If you don’t like popular, remember that you can hide elements from the lateral menu in Settings-Menu. If you don’t want it on top of your subscriptions list, go to Subscriptions, long press “Popular” and select “Move to bottom”.

Minor improvements:

  • Show text and css in user flair selector to avoid “Empty” flairs 1
  • Option to “Copy title + text” for self posts
  • Multireddit name limited to 21 characters in create dialog 2

Thanks for your support <3

Boost for reddit 1.2.5 – Multireddits in widgets, edit user flair and stuff

Hi friends,

New beta version has been uploaded to Google Play:


  • Add multireddits to widgets¹
  • Edit user flair
  • Mark posts as spoiler
  • Go to x-post subreddit option²
  • View moderators³
  • Option to disable draft saving
  • Tag user from comments
  • Reduced dimensions of compact view
  • Reduce data usage setting apply to albums for faster image loading⁴
  • Fixed gif controls misalignment
  • Show full title in minicards when expanded
  • Changes to sidebar subscribe buttons
  • Fixed copy link string in menus
  • Fixed crash loading flair in some subreddits
  • Added refresh button to the floating button in subreddits
  • Show empty thumbnail for videos without thumbnail

Some notes:

  1. If a post has a subreddit in its title (mainly x-posts) the menu will have additional entries to go to those subreddits. Test the feature with this post
  2. If you add one of your private multireddits to the widget, it will only show posts if the user is logged in. An empty list will be shown otherwise.
  3. All options in the sidebar (view mods, edit flair, share…) are under the settings button
  4. Remember that if you have HD enabled, the setting will be ignored and it will always load the full size image

Be a proud user and share Boost with other redditors 😉

Link to Google Play download

Thanks for your support!