Boost for reddit 1.0.20 – New theme customization settings, sort in profile, memory fix

Hi all!

I’ve included new settings to customize themes:

  • Toolbar style: Select light (Dark text and icons) to use with light toolbar backgrounds Sample
  • Color for post titles and read/stickied posts Sample

(Please note that status bar tinting is available in android versions >= Marshmallow 6.0)

A memory leak has been fixed. It was responsible of random crashes, images not loading or performance issues after some time using the app.

Please thoroughly test the new features and give feedback or report issues in this thread. Thanks!

Version 1.0.20 has been pushed to the beta channel. This is the changelog:


  • More theme options: Customize toolbar style (black or white text and icons, including status bar in Marshmallow) and color of post titles, read posts and sticky posts
  • Sort options in user profiles
  • Fixed memory leak that might cause performance issues/crashes after intensive use

If you like the update, give 5 stars in Google Play. Thanks for your support!

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