Boost for reddit 1.6.0

After several weeks of work, I’m happy to announce that a new version of Boost for reddit has been published to Google Play. This is the changelog:

1.6.0 Screenshots gallery

  • Preview text posts in Cards with configurable number of lines (Settings-Posts)
  • New search screen: Search posts, subreddits and go to user profiles or subreddits in a
    click GIF
  • Change quality of reddit videos
  • Option to select minimum/maximum preferred quality for reddit videos¹
  • Added subscribe button in subreddit headers
  • Improved quote style
  • Change color scheme for comment level indicators Settings (Settings-Comments)
  • Added expand animation to show post/comments button bar GIF
  • Added option to hide buttons after voting/saving (Settings-Comments)
  • View subreddit rules from sidebar, submit screen and report dialog
  • Report dialog shows subreddit specific reasons
  • Added View full context option in single comment threads
  • Add subreddit shortcuts to your home screen from subreddit options GIF
  • Subreddit name in posts clickable (Settings-Posts: Enabled by default)
  • Username in comments clickable (Settings-Comments: Disabled by default)
  • Option to show subreddit prefixed with r/ (Settings-General)
  • Support for new user profiles including a “Follow” button
  • View public multireddits from user profiles
  • Copy and rename multireddits
  • Option to dim images in read posts (Settings-Posts)
  • Oreo Adaptive icon
  • Oreo Notification categories. Configure notifications for mail and modmail (Settings-Notifications)
  • Show user avatars in account switcher (Settings-Menu)
  • Text selection in advanced editor shows a popup with formatting options (bold, italics…)
  • Added option “Hide previous posts” in post menu GIF
  • Added ASCII emojis to formatting bar
  • Added messages when post has no comments
  • Option to set light navigation bar in Oreo
  • Change toolbar main action (Search/Switch view)
  • Group download notifications
  • Option to automatically organize downloads in folders per subreddit (Settings-Media)
  • Search accepts advanced parameters to search by author, site, flair and more
  • Added Search settings with default sorting and period
  • Sort subreddit search results by relevance and activity
  • Modmail notifications
  • View replies in modmail tab
  • Block users via inbox
  • Improved timestamps to show time in weeks and months
  • Highlight mod and admin usernames in comments
  • Swipe back from comments triggered with only horizontal swipe
  • Swipe back from comments triggered with only horizontal swipe
  • Long press go to parent button in comments to show parent in a dialog
  • Long press videos/gifs in Swipe view to open in media viewer
  • Long press self text to select and copy
  • Long press previews and thumbnails to show link options
  • Long press down arrow to go to bottom of comments screen
  • Added go to subreddit in comments from profile
  • Changed order of profile tabs
  • Added icons to menu settings screen
  • Option to reset first launch tooltips (Settings-Others)
  • Option to disable sending statistics and crash reports (Settings-About)


  • Showing “1 comment” when there is none
  • Random subreddit not loading more than 25 posts
  • Memory leak crash while using swipe view
  • Floating button position in RTL layouts
  • Multireddits with name “random” not working
  • Error opening some links starting with /
  • Amoled theme glitch in some screens
  • External AMP and reddit links not opening in Boost
  • Reddit wiki pages not opening in app
  • Highlighting of deleted usernames
  • Clear notification after marking as read from inbox
  • Wrong i.stack.imgur images
  • Other bug fixes and improvements


  1. Boost has an option in “Settings-Data Saving” to set the preferred quality for videos (Prefer lower size, Prefer best quality). This setting affects sources that provide different version of videos, like gfycat, giphy, streamable and reddit videos. Reddit videos provides qualities from 240p to 1080p HD. The 240p version is crap, and the 1080p may take some time to load. That’s why I’ve added an additional setting for reddit videos to set the mimimum and maximum quality. That way you can have “Prefer lower size” and set 480p as the lowest version, or “Prefer best quality” but limited to 720p instead of 1080p.

Thanks for your support and share Boost with other redditors 😉

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