Boost for reddit 1.5.0 – Support for videos, subreddit banners and more

Version 1.5.0 has been released. This is the changelog:

  • Support playback of videos ¹
  • Search posts in multireddits
  • Option to show subreddit header (Settings-General) ²
  • Option to show post preview image in comments screen (Settings-Comments-Post info)
  • Change playback speed of videos (ExoPlayer feature only)
  • Show post view count ³
  • Migration to new Gfycat API
  • Advanced notification options: Show Boost notification when a push notification from reddit app is received
  • Multireddits on top by default
  • Fixed hide read permanently not working correctly when hiding a high number of posts
  • Changed style of native ads to comply with new policies (Ads must be distinguishable from content)
Subreddit headers
Full preview in comments screen

Small changes to comment collapsing:

  • Fully collapse comments option is set by default for new users
  • Clicking on the reply count green badge expands its replies
  • Collapsed comment stays on top of screen to avoid losing reading position
  • Clicking anywhere on a fully collapsed comment expands its replies
  1. Reddit videos are DASH streaming with demuxed audio and video. Audio plays fine in Boost, but if you hit download, the downloaded file is video only because the fallback mp4 version that reddit provides has no audio +Info
  2. Subreddit headers are only available in the single subreddit screen (the one that opens when any of the “Go to” options is used). The main screen with the subscriptions dropdown does not load banners since showing/hiding the dropdown when the header is expanded/collapsed would be annoying while switching subreddits.
  3. View count is available in your own posts and moderated subreddits. It does not count visits from third-party apps +Info

Thanks for your support and share Boost with other redditors 😉

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