Boost for reddit 1.2.0 is out: Android 7.1 shortcuts, flair posts, new cards view, read wiki pages and a lot more!

Hi friends!

Yes, new version. Boost for reddit 1.2.0 is live.

Android Nougat 7.1 home screen shortcuts: It will show search posts and your first subscriptions in the list (subreddits, multireddits, all, frontpage or saved). Remember that you can rearrange your subscriptions list in “Subscriptions”.

Swipe to close works now in all media viewers (images, gifs, videos and albums). Choose your prefered swipe direction in Settings-Media. Tap to close is still enabled by default. If tap to close is disabled, tapping the content will hide/show the toolbar buttons (and description text in albums).

Album viewer has been redesigned. Tap or swipe up the image description at the bottom to read the full text. Swipe down to collapse or hide.

Download or share media files has been included in swipe view. Files will be shared from internal cache, so they won’t show up in your external storage.

Fixed many reddit deep links to open in app, including wiki pages and user profiles. If you find a reddit link that fails to open in app, let me know.


  • Android 7.1 home screen shortcuts
  • Flair your own posts
  • Read wiki pages
  • New view: Simple cards
  • Albums redesign
  • Show comment being replied in advanced editor
  • Option to show upvote percentage in comments screen
  • Show unread messages count in drawer menu
  • Go to random subreddit
  • videos support
  • Swipe to close gifs and albums
  • Change direction of swipe to close
  • Share gif/video files directly
  • Download/share in Swipe view
  • Support for new reddit spoilers
  • Option to check messages every 5 min
  • Option to hide images from self posts
  • Share subreddit from sidebar
  • Subreddit icon in sidebar
  • Open sidebar from comments
  • New flairs style
  • Filters sorted alphabetically
  • support
  • Error placeholder for images that fail to load
  • Fixed deep linking to user profiles
  • Separate search items in menu
  • Swipe back min threshold to 5%
  • Delete all drafts option
  • Disabled swipe to refresh in internal browser
  • Open media from external sources
  • User interface improvements
  • Many bug fixes and improvements!
  • Fixed content from not opening
  • Fixed some reddit links not opening in app

I hope you enjoy it!

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Link to Google Play download

Feel free to leave feedback or tell what would you like to see in the next version