Boost for reddit 1.0.5 – Minicards, not-cropped previews, filter read, thumbnails on left…


Version 1.0.5 has been pushed to the beta channel. I’ve included some of your requested features. This is the changelog:

  • Filter read posts
  • Edit self posts
  • New view: Minicards, including full width option
  • Thumbnails on left in compact and minicards
  • Option for full size previews in Cards (not cropped)
  • Floating button to filter read, scroll to top and submit
  • Autohide toolbar in comments
  • Change fonts for title and comments/messages, Roboto light, Condensed and Slab
  • Mark all messages as read
  • Edit comments from profile
  • Streamable previews and thumbnails

Thanks for your time, bug reports and feature requests. You da real mvp! :_)

Boost for reddit 1.0.4 – Filters and more!


Your feedback is highly appreciated and helps me moving in the right direction. Version 1.0.4 has been pushed to the beta channel. Thanks for all your request and bug reports!

  • Filter by subreddit, domain, author and title keywords Settings with Dialog and in posts menu
  • Options to reduce data usage in mobile and/or wifi (When enabled, the app loads lower resolution thumbnails and previews from imgur)
  • Fixed single image galleries from imgur not loading
  • Option to show post flairs
  • Option to set advanced text editor as default
  • Dialog to create links
  • Search dialog filled with current search
  • Fixed loading bar that stays shown
  • Show hidden scores indicator


Boost for reddit 1.0.3 – Changelog

Hi users!

A new version of Boost for reddit has been pushed to Google Play, for people who signed up as beta testers.

After reading all comments, reviews and emails, I’ve included some of the most requested features and bug fixes:

  • Mark posts as read/unread. Post title will be grayed out when clicking link or comments
  • Scroll comments with volume keys (Disabled by default)
  • Animate comments scroll
  • Show author in posts (Disabled by default)
  • Show user flairs in comments (Disabled by default)
  • Optional hide button in posts (Disabled by default)
  • Button in comment to navigate to parent comment
  • Set default sort for comments and posts in settings
  • More compact layouts: Reducing text size reduces spacing between elements
  • Click outside Youtube videos to close (Disabled by default)
  • Autocomplete in go to subreddit dialog
  • Loading indicator for images and gifs.
  • Download progress in HD images and .gif
  • Share and download buttons clickable in HD images
  • Self posts text above voting buttons
  • Fixed: Changing screen orientation does not close compose dialog
  • Fixed crashes in some rooted phones
  • Show divider between cards in Amoled theme

I would love to receive some feedback before moving to production. Thanks!

Version 1.01 is going live

This is the changelog:

Reported bugs fixed:

  • Fixed not syncing all subscriptions
  • The subreddits list is now ordered ignoring case: (AdviceAnimals, aww…)


  • Compact mode: Single click to open comments, long click to show extended actions
  • Changed the sensitivity of the swipe back from comments gesture
  • OP posts highlighted in Amoled theme
  • OP username shown above self text
  • Menu option to share post permalink (link to comments)

Introducing Boost for reddit 1.0 Beta – Now live on Google Play

Hi reddit!

After several months of development, I’m glad to announce the release of Boost for reddit, an unofficial reddit client for Android.
It started as a small personal project to improve my android development skills, but now I have decided to publish it on Google Play so I can receive some feedback from you 😉

Download Boost for reddit

Main Features Video

  • Multi account support with secure OAuth2 login
  • Intuitive Material Design user interface
  • Preview images, GIFs, Gfycat, GIFV, Imgur Galleries and Youtube videos
  • Do you just want to see gifs? Filter posts by content type: image, album, gif, video, text posts or links. Filter
  • Search Posts and Subreddits
  • Mark posts as read/unread. Post title will be grayed out when clicking link or comments
  • Quick access to your saved posts
  • Submit new posts with automatic image upload to imgur. Pick image from gallery or take a photo. Read submit instructions from subreddit
  • Subscribe to subreddits or add them to “casual” subreddits. Screenshot
  • Multireddit support. You can add and remove subreddits from your multis Screenshot
  • Download and share multimedia. You can share directly from the download notification
  • Send messages and receive notifications (Expandable single and multiple message notifications)
  • Sidebar support
  • Profile and Trophies
  • Link handling. Choose what content type you want to open in app or with external apps.
  • Button to open links in external app
  • Chrome custom tabs
  • Swipe back from comments instead of using of the back button
  • Hide NSFW posts/Hide NSFW thumbnails and previews.
  • Quick compose dialog or use advanced editor with formatting options to compose messages or reply to comments
  • Captcha support
  • High resolution thumbnails, low resolution available in settings.
  • Split-screen mode for tablets
  • Al screens work portrait and landscape
  • Compatible with new Android 6.0 Marshmallow permissions system (Storage for image downloading and camera)


  • Customizable font size.
  • Dark, light and AMOLED themes
  • Customize browsing interface: Cards 1, full-width cards [2], list 3 , gallery 4 or slide show 5 with in-app media previews.
  • No restart or reload required! Changes are applied without losing current reading position.


  • Scroll comments with volume keys
  • Compact layouts
  • Color coded comments to enhance readability. 1 2
  • Buttons to navigate between top level comments
  • Expand or collapse comments threads.
  • Button to collapse all comments and show only top level comments.

Become a tester

Boost for reddit is under development, so expect many updates with bug fixes and new features. The app has been only tested by me, so if you want to help and become a Beta tester, Follow this link

I’m open to requests and feedback!