Boost for reddit 1.1.0 is out: day/night themes, theme presets, download albums, save drafts, mark as read on scroll and much more!

Hi friends!

Here I am again with another big update. Boost for reddit 1.1.0 is out!

I’ve included some new features regarding themes: Set different themes for day and night modes to quickly switch between them from the menu and save your custom themes as presets. The app has some nice theme presets created by me 🙂

Set a default folder for all downloads or per file type (images, gifs or mp4 videos). You’ll be asked to change them the next time you download something (you can change them anytime in Settings-Media).

You can download full albums or only the selected images from the thumbnails screen. To enter in multi selection mode, long press a thumbnail and single click to select the images you want to download.

I’ve included the option to save/load drafts when composing text in advanced editor. If you leave the screen you’ll be asked to discard or save the text to drafts. Drafts are saved on a per user basis and they are available in messages, comments and text posts.

This is the full changelog:


  • Set day/night themes to quickly switch between them
  • Save theme presets with your favorite combinations
  • Set download folders per file type (Settings-Media).
  • Download full albums or selected images from thumbnails screen
  • Save drafts when composing comments, messages or text posts in advanced editor
  • Subreddit filters apply only to frontpage and r/all
  • Option to mark posts as read on scroll (Settings-Posts)
  • Suggest title when submitting links
  • Readability mode for links in Swipe view
  • Beautiful vote, save and score animations
  • Mark your posts as NSFW
  • Increased comment buttons area
  • Gif controls visibility is remembered
  • Share link or file in image viewer
  • Long press “Go to” or toolbar to go to a subreddit
  • Long press “Search” to search posts
  • Night mode toggle in lateral menu
  • Option to show nsfw toggle in lateral menu
  • Option to show independent “Go to” options in lateral menu (Settings-Menu)
  • Highlight friends in posts list
  • Added grey accent colors
  • Open comments settings from comments screen
  • Option to disable comment animations
  • Don’t limit subreddit length in widget
  • Fixed sharing images from reddituploads
  • Fixed downloads stopping on close
  • Option to donate in Settings-About

I hope you enjoy it!

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Link to Google Play download

Thanks for all your suggestions and requests, they help moving in the right direction. There is still a lot to do, but one step at a time! Everything you see is done by a single developer 😀

Next stop: Android 7.1