Boost for reddit 1.2.1 – Synccit support, new scoring format, create multireddits and bug fixes

Hi friends!

Small update to include some important things while I prepare the next version:


  • Shortened scores to follow new reddit format
  • Synccit support to sync your read posts between devices and desktop. Go to Settings-Posts to register or add your account.
  • Create and delete multireddits. (Subscriptions-Menu-Create multireddit)
  • Open random subreddit from lateral menu
  • Fixes to multi subreddits using +. The app open links in app, and they can be added as a favorite subreddit, used in search and more.
  • Removed unnecessary READ_PHONE_STATE permission that was automatically added (explanation)
  • Removed vibrate permission (Some ads or web pages in internal web browser were making the phone vibrate ¬¬)
  • Fixed bug opening external links in app that might cause an infinite loop if that type of link is set as always open in external app

I have new improvements ready that will be released in a couple of days.

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Link to Google Play download

Feel free to leave feedback or tell what would you like to see in the next version