Boost for reddit 1.3.3 – Table formatting

Hi friends!

Boost for reddit 1.3.3 has been pushed to the beta channel.

Some features have been in beta for 2 weeks now, here is the announcement with a few more. Not a huge changelog but some important things:


  • Table formatting
  • Option to Blur NSFW thumbnails and previews (Settings-Filters)
  • Option to show preview on top in Cards (Settings-Views)
  • Branded launch screen¹
  • Fixed indent in code blocks
  • Fixed issue submitting posts and messages
  • Testing Native ads format² (Optional, revert to banners in Settings-About)
  • Minor bug fixes


  1. Launch screen following material design guidelines. Background color is not customizable cause it is shown before the app is initialized.
  2. Native ads in the following views: Cards, Cards 2, Compact, List and Mini Cards. You can revert to banner ads in Settings-About.

Thanks for all the love and support!

Be proud and share Boost with other redditors 😉

Link to Google Play download