Boost for reddit 1.2.4 – New menus and many improvements!

Hi friends,

New beta version with some small improvements and fixes has been uploaded to Google Play:


  • New pop-up menu for posts, comments and messages
  • Vote and save in gallery/images view by long pressing a post to show post options
  • Select font size for titles independently
  • Improvements to subreddit search with autosuggestions
  • Share link or comments from post share button
  • Formatting bar in advanced editor moved to the bottom of screen
  • Hide read posts while search results
  • Option to customize header text color in widgets
  • Keep selected sorting when opening subreddit from widget
  • Fixed bug that might reopen main screen after minimizing with home button
  • Added Extra extra large font size
  • Removed confirmation dialog when subscribing
  • Reduced size of subreddit screen title
  • New discard draft dialog
  • Subscribe to BoostForReddit dialog
  • Added google play as domain exception for new installs
  • Adding a subreddit subscribes to it automatically
  • Go to subreddit suggestions opened with one click
  • Show subreddit icons when possible
  • “Permalink” renamed to “comments”

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Link to Google Play download

Thanks for your support!