Boost for reddit 1.3.1 – Auto night mode, mute videos, autoplay in swipe view and more!


Boost for reddit 1.3.1 has been pushed to Google Play. This is the changelog:


  • Auto night mode. Configure night start/end time in Themes screen (or Settings-Theme and colors)
  • Mute button in videos. The player remembers the status of the mute button from previous videos, but there is an option to start muted by default (Settings-Media)
  • Autoplay gifs in Swipe view. Select between autoplay always, on wi-fi (default) or never (Settings-Views-Swipe)
  • XKCD support. The image alt text is shown in the viewer.
  • Show account age in profiles info
  • Option to replace Switch view with Search in toolbar (Settings-Views)
  • Manage saved views per subreddit (Settings-Views)
  • Show comment search occurrences as you type
  • Jump to first occurrence when searching in comments
  • Option to open links in external app on long press
  • Show placeholder for subreddits without icon in search results
  • Do not truncate post info in minicards when full title is shown
  • Mixtape videos will open in Legacy player to avoid playing issues. It seems that ExoPlayer can’t handle mixtape mp4 enconding.
  • Fixed crash when rotating screen while an image is uploading
  • Fixed style of legacy video controls
  • Workaround to bypass current imgur image upload issue (Imgur paid API is failing again)
  • Updated Exoplayer 2.2.0
  • Updated support libraries 25.2.0 (Should fix the “ghost” screen issue)
  • Edit: Fixed modtools “sticky” option not showing for link posts

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