Boost for reddit 1.3.2 – Export settings, Deviant art support, save categories for gold users, new theme options and many improvements!

Hi friends!

Boost for reddit 1.3.2-beta has been pushed to the beta channel.

This is the changelog:


  • Export/Import settings (read notes)
  • Reddit gold: Categorize saved posts and comments
  • Reddit gold: Filter saved by category/subreddit
  • Deviant Art support
  • Customize body text and link colors
  • Hide posts by flair
  • Link dialog by long pressing post open button
  • Lock sidebar in Swipe view (Settings-Views)
  • Modtools: Moderate button visible
  • Modtools: Sticky comments (Distinguish and sticky)
  • More options in subreddit search results
  • Option to hide thumbnails in widgets
  • Go to parent in single comment thread
  • Show user tags in friends screen
  • Auto load drafts when replying to same post/comment
  • Apply font and color to message titles
  • More info in multireddit details
  • Show stars next to favorites
  • Removed moderator inbox for non moderators
  • Fixed editing empty posts
  • Fixed many wiki links
  • Fixed Continue this thread when using cache
  • Fixed reloading comments with context
  • Fixed internal browser page height
  • Small interface improvements that you’ll have to discover
  • Many bug fixes
  • Fixed crash creating multireddits
  • Subreddits list in multireddits sorted alphabetically


The backup includes:

  • App settings
  • User tags
  • Filters
  • Saved themes
  • Views per subscription

Excluded from the backup:

  • Account info
  • Drafts
  • History of visited subreddits
  • Favorites
  • Read posts

Imported settings will be merged with the current settings.

Be proud and share Boost with other redditors 😉

Link to Google Play download

Thanks for your support!