Boost for reddit 1.3.0 – Mod tools!


Version 1.3.0 has been uploaded to Google Play.

The version includes moderation tools. Moderators will be able to perform these operations on posts/comments:

  • Approve
  • Remove
  • Mark spam
  • View reports
  • Ignore reports
  • Ban user1
  • Distinguish
  • Edit flair
  • Mark nsfw
  • Mark spoiler
  • Set sticky
  • Lock
  • Set suggested comment sort

All operations are available anywhere you see a post/comment from a subreddit you moderate. Approved/removed posts will show indicator only visible to moderators.

I have also included a moderation screen available in the drawer menu and in subreddit sidebar options. This screen includes the following features:

  • Subreddit filtering: Dropdown to select a specific subreddit or “mod” (all moderated subreddits mixed)
  • Moderation queue
  • Reports
  • Spam
  • Edited
  • Moderation log1
  • Unmoderated posts

Album with screenshots:

Other changes:
  • Enable/disable inbox replies for your posts and comments
  • Indicator of locked posts. Warning message when you try to comment
  • Indicator of archived posts. Warning message when you try to comment or vote
  • Support to open links in the app
  • Added a true “Dark Grey” base theme (The old “Dark Grey” has been renamed to “Light Gray”) Comparison
  • Fixed wrong floating action buttons margin and shadow in subreddit/comments screen
  • Fixed an issue with tabs height in submit screen

1 Ban users and moderation log requires a new permission. You’ll be asked to reauthenticate with reddit.

Are you a moderator? Since I’m still getting used to how this moderation thing works, your feedback is highly appreciated.

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Link to Google Play download

Thanks for your support!