Boost for reddit 1.2.5 – Multireddits in widgets, edit user flair and stuff

Hi friends,

New beta version has been uploaded to Google Play:


  • Add multireddits to widgets¹
  • Edit user flair
  • Mark posts as spoiler
  • Go to x-post subreddit option²
  • View moderators³
  • Option to disable draft saving
  • Tag user from comments
  • Reduced dimensions of compact view
  • Reduce data usage setting apply to albums for faster image loading⁴
  • Fixed gif controls misalignment
  • Show full title in minicards when expanded
  • Changes to sidebar subscribe buttons
  • Fixed copy link string in menus
  • Fixed crash loading flair in some subreddits
  • Added refresh button to the floating button in subreddits
  • Show empty thumbnail for videos without thumbnail

Some notes:

  1. If a post has a subreddit in its title (mainly x-posts) the menu will have additional entries to go to those subreddits. Test the feature with this post
  2. If you add one of your private multireddits to the widget, it will only show posts if the user is logged in. An empty list will be shown otherwise.
  3. All options in the sidebar (view mods, edit flair, share…) are under the settings button
  4. Remember that if you have HD enabled, the setting will be ignored and it will always load the full size image

Be a proud user and share Boost with other redditors 😉

Link to Google Play download

Thanks for your support!