Boost for reddit 1.0.19 – Android N feedback needed

Hi all!

Android N users:

I’ve updated libraries to support Android N and I will need feedback from users using N preview. Some crash reports have been already received, and I would want to know what were you doing or the steps to reproduce it.

Version 1.0.19 has been pushed to the beta channel. This is the changelog:


  • Fixed suggested sort


  • Fixed crashes on Android N preview


  • HD images in albums
  • Added Suggested comment sort. Enabled by default. If the thread does not have a suggested sort, it will use the default one.
  • Added Q&A comment sort
  • Theme applied to menu backgrounds
  • New icon design
  • Fixed error loading more comments in long threads
  • Increased clickable area of buttons in Cards and Compact views
  • Fixed inserted link not replacing selected text in advanced editor
  • Fixed floating button hide animation
  • Fixed some random crashes

If you like the update, give 5 stars in Google Play. Thanks for your support!

Spread the word!