Boost for reddit 1.0.3 – Changelog

Hi users!

A new version of Boost for reddit has been pushed to Google Play, for people who signed up as beta testers.

After reading all comments, reviews and emails, I’ve included some of the most requested features and bug fixes:

  • Mark posts as read/unread. Post title will be grayed out when clicking link or comments
  • Scroll comments with volume keys (Disabled by default)
  • Animate comments scroll
  • Show author in posts (Disabled by default)
  • Show user flairs in comments (Disabled by default)
  • Optional hide button in posts (Disabled by default)
  • Button in comment to navigate to parent comment
  • Set default sort for comments and posts in settings
  • More compact layouts: Reducing text size reduces spacing between elements
  • Click outside Youtube videos to close (Disabled by default)
  • Autocomplete in go to subreddit dialog
  • Loading indicator for images and gifs.
  • Download progress in HD images and .gif
  • Share and download buttons clickable in HD images
  • Self posts text above voting buttons
  • Fixed: Changing screen orientation does not close compose dialog
  • Fixed crashes in some rooted phones
  • Show divider between cards in Amoled theme

I would love to receive some feedback before moving to production. Thanks!